UPDATE Thursday 28/05/2020

Dear Members,

In line with advice from the Scottish Government, I’m pleased to confirm that fishing in all of our waters will be permitted from Friday, 29th May.

Walton Angling Club would like all Members to adhere to the following guidelines:

• Follow social distancing – keep at least 2 m from other Members and especially members of the public (set an example) when fishing our waters, unless they are from your own household.

• Do not share fishing tackle with Members who are not from your own household.

• Some stretches of our river are adjacent to people’s homes. If you experience any landowner or resident issues let us know by texting the Catch Return number.

• Similarly, as a responsible Angling Club, it would be helpful to know if you become aware of any such residents who are vulnerable or may be self-isolating so that we can share this with the wider membership.

• Car parking space is limited on our waters and we cannot reasonably expect Members to park 2 m from each other. Please adopt a common sense approach and wait until social distancing is possible before leaving or going back to your car.

• This is a good opportunity to remind Members to maximise our car parking space; on the Pilmuir shore, park as close as possible to the end of the space or to the car in front and not in the middle (you know who you are!) This area can easily accommodate three or four cars.

• Boat fishing is permitted at Pilmuir, but only one Member is permitted in each boat and only one Member is permitted in the boathouse. Float tubing is encouraged!

• Do not sign the boats out and in. If there is a boat-related problem to report, text the Catch Return number.

• It is for individual Members to use their own judgement when it comes to handling and sanitising padlocks, oars, handles, the winch etc.

• Members should not congregate in groups of people from more than two households, even when observing social distancing.

• Members are not allowed guests until further notice.

There are a few guidelines that are beyond our remit as a Club, but we would hope that:

• Members only travel to our waters if it is within the distance set out in the Scottish Government’s guidelines, currently ‘broadly 5 miles’ from your neighbourhood.

• Members will not share cars to access our waters unless they are from the same household.

We will continue to keep you all updated as the easing of the lockdown measures progresses.

Best wishes,

Neil Smith

Club President

Our Story

In the 1870's, Walton Angling Club was formed as an exclusive club by a group of wealthy businessmen from Glasgow. Gradually, it attracted more local folk as the surrounding countryside became more developed. Today, we still flourish as a members only club serving the angling community in and around the picturesque village of Eaglesham. We now have almost 100 members most of whom live locally.

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