Our Story

In the 1870's, Walton Angling Club was formed as an exclusive club by a group of wealthy businessmen from Glasgow. Gradually, it attracted more local folk as the surrounding countryside became more developed. Today, we still flourish as a members only club serving the angling community in and around the picturesque village of Eaglesham. We now have almost 100 members most of whom live locally.

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We're older than we thought!

Canadian discovers 144 year old permit.

We always knew that the Walton Angling Club was formed as an exclusive club by a group of wealthy businessmen from Glasgow and we have paperwork that goes back to 1887 but none of this indicated the year in which we were formed.

We still don’t know when we came into existence but now, thanks to Ken Rainford, a fellow angler living in British Columbia, Canada, we can now go back at least another twelve years.

For Ken has discovered a Walton Angling Club Rules and Regulations member's ticket for season 1875.

Fabulous find

Ken said “I found it in a small display cabinet a couple of weeks ago while looking for some small fly fishing items. It’s been there a long time.”

“I’m guessing that it was originally in an old wicker creel that I purchased back in the early 1980’s.”

Ken contacted the club and kindly donated and posted the item to us.

“It is my great pleasure to be able return a piece of history back to were it should be.”

We are indebted to Ken for his kindness as this member’s ticket is a valued part of our history.

Rules & Regulations

Although many of the current Rules and Regulations are the same as they were in 1875 there are one or two interesting variations.

For example item number 6:

"Angling to commence 1st March and end 8th October. Members restricted to angle with Fly and Minnow only."

The 2019 Walton Permits and Badges feature close ups taken from Ken's 1875 permit.



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