2012 Season Report

Work Parties & Stocking 2012 Report 20 February 2013............... Thanks to all the Members who helped at this season’s work parties and also those Members who undertook their own clearing up/repairs. The weekly work parties ran from April until September. On the river, change to first Tuesday of every Month.
River: Litter has been cleared. Groynes repaired on the river and little cart. Grass has been cut and trees trimmed. Repairs have been made to the banks at the ford. The course of the path up-stream of the Ford has been changed closer to the fence to prevent erosion of the riverbank. New stile at the Flood Elevation Scheme.
Pilmuir: Decided not to add barley straw. Contracted out the Grass cutting. A floating nesting site for the swans had been built. Tree trimming work. New wooden jetty ...useful addition to the boathouse. Boat has been repaired and the larger one has been varnished. The overhanging trees surrounding the smaller spawning burn at Pilmuir have been trimmed. A channel has been cut to direct the flow of the spring towards the loch in an attempt to dry out some of the land and possibly create new trout spawning habitat. The fence and the boathouse doors have been painted. Weed has been cut. The boathouse doors had been rehanged & sealed.

2011 Season Report

2011 turned out to be a busy season with the beavers achieving quite a lot considering their limited numbers. My thanks to all who beavered away. On the river, we planted more willow whips, once again rebult the groynes (the groynes have turned out to be one of our more successfull achiements - they hold back water above, scour and aereate below) rubbish cleared, grass cut, overhanging trees lopped, inspected the stiles and repaired the path at car park. On the Pilmuir, we introduced fresh barley straw (although how successful this is debatable), extended the slipway(sideways), replaced the boat winch, cut weed, cut the grass(thanks to Andrew), cleared out both feeder streams(one of which was quite blocked and required a bit of digging) built some groynes on the feeder streams, lopped the trees and repaired a crack on the slipway. The clearing of the feeder streams was a good bit of work as the greenkeepers reported seeing trout moving up the stream (to spawn hopefully)nearest to their workshops. Season 2012 will, I'm sure, be even more challenging.

2011 Season

The "Planned Works sub com" has met and listed all the jobs that require done this season. We have planned some indoor work(boathouse and boats) for early in the season and produced a flexible and prioritised schedule for the outdoor jobs. I'll details these at a later date.

2010 Season Report

Firstly, I must thank all those "beavers" who gave up the Tuesday evenings throughout the season to do the tasks that needed done. We did not manage to examine the stiles and this will be carried forward to the 2011 season. However, at the river we planted willow whips, cut back trees, rebuilt groynes, cleared rubbish and at the Pilmuir, we overhauled the boats, repaired the boathouse base (at the slipway), painted the fence, cut the grass on the dam wall, floated barley straw, cut and hauled the pondweed. Although we achieved much there was still so much to do, especially on the river - this we hope to rectify in 2011.

2010 Season

With just under 10 weeks to the start of the new season it's time to start planning what works we are going to carry out. One thing we need to do is a an examination of the stiles to identify those that need remedial work, we also need, for record purposes, to number the stiles. The usual repairing of groynes will also need to be done and consideration given to picking up the work we had planned for the Earn. Over and above this we have to consider the river banks and also what is required on the Pilmuir reservoir. Also, due to the inclement weather some of the winter work has not taken place and will need to be done asap - this puts a great strain on the beavers as we have limited resources. The beavers number around 8 members with a normal attendance of 4/5 each week so even 3/4 new beavers could push us up to 6/7 in attendance - we could achieve so much more. Keep checking here for the planned works for 2010.


Due to other work taking priority we did not manage to work on the Earn apart from a number of willow whips being planted - done in January. The priority work was on the Cart (Jan & Apr - Jun) and the Pilmuir (Jun - Sept)and I must congratulate the beavers on the amount of work they did. On the Cart; willow whips planted(Jan), groynes were rebuilt and a few new ones provided, rubbish cleared from the river/riverbanks, trees and bushes trimmed and bankside grass cut. On the Pilmuir; Dam wall grass strimmed, bushes trimmed, feeder burn cleared of growth and work done on the boathouse and boats. Still plenty to do and a few more bodies would allow the beavers to achieve even more. With the New Year looming perhaps working with the beavers might be a good resolution to make.

Planned Works for the Earn - Season 2009 Due to the club acquiring the Pilmuir Reservoir the planned work for the Earn has been postponed until a later date..

Earn Water 2009(ppt)

Planned Works for Season 2008.

Works 2008(pdf)

All the planned work except for the stile work and chicken wire has been completed. The stile work has been put back to out of season and we have decided against using chicken wire.


Wild Trout Trust on Stocking. Interesting read.

Wild v Stocked Trout?. The dangers of introducing farmed trout into wild waters

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