Fly:Silver Butcher

Hook: Wet Fly 10 - 14
Thread: Black
Tail: Red Hackle fibres
Body: Flat silver tinsel
Rib: Fine silver wre or oval tinsel
Hackle: Black cock
Wing: Mallard Duck

Run in thread to the end of the straight do not go round the bend. Tie in rib and tail fibres.

Return thread to the eye and tie in body tinsel at this point.

Wind tinsel in overlapping turn along to the tail and back to the eye and tie of tinsel.

Wind rib to eye 4 or 5 turns and tie of (half hitch would be a good idea at this point).

Tie in hackle 2 to 3 turns towards the eye.

Pull hackle down into the beard position and tie in this position.

Using matching wing slips tie in wing and create a small head. All done.

Photos courtesy of Wee Eck.


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