Fly:Peter Ross

Hook: B170 size 8 to 14 Wet
Thread: Black
Tail: G P Tippets
Rib: Fine oval silver on rear section only
Body: Silver flat tinsel for back then red seal fur for front
Hackle: Black Hen
Wing: Barred teal flank feather

Load hook and run on thread to end of shank then tie in rib.

Next tie in silver tinsel.

Tie in small bunch of GP tippets.

Bring thread to one third from eye, wind up silver flat and tie off followed by rib to same point.

Dub on small amount of seal fur.

Tie in hackle and wind on two or three turns.

Tie in wing material. And create a small head that will push the wing and hackle back. See two views.

2nd view.

Tie off and finish with head cement.

Photos courtesy of Wee Eck.


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