Hook: 12 to 16 dry
Thread: Black
Legs: 4 black rubber legs or cock pheasant fibres (knotted and long)
Wing: 2 CDC feather tips
Thorax: Black seal fur
Hackle: Black cock (palmered)
Body: Black tearoom or craft foam

Tie in thread and legs.

Tie in wing on top of hook.

Add thorax keeping short of the head position.

Tie in hackle.

Palmer hackle down and back again , short of head.

Tie in body to create a head.

Create segmented body.

View from back to show long legs.

Normal view of fly.

Photos courtesy of Wee Eck.


Wild Trout Trust on Stocking. Interesting read.

Wild v Stocked Trout?. The dangers of introducing farmed trout into wild waters

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