Hook: 12 to 16 Grubber
Thread: Brown
Tail: Hares fur
Rib: Fine oval gold or fine wire
Body: Hares fur
Thorax: Also hares fur
Thorax Cover: Pheasant tail fibres

Tie in thread to half way around the bend and tie in tail and rib.

Dub up body to two thirds the length.

Rib up to end of body about five turns.

Tie in thorax cover then dub thorax.

Bring thorax cover over the top and tie down.

Create head and tie of thread, scruff up thorax underside to finish.

Photos courtesy of Wee Eck.


Wild Trout Trust on Stocking. Interesting read.

Wild v Stocked Trout?. The dangers of introducing farmed trout into wild waters

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