Fly:Green Sparkle Nymph

Hook: Grub 10 - 12
Thread: Brown
Tail: Green Sparkle Yarn
Body: Dubbed Green Sparkle Yarn
Rib: Fine Nylon
Legs: Black Hen Hackle
Shellback: Brown/Green or Clear

Tie in thread well round the bend and add fine strand of sparkle yarn(can be trimmed to length at end).

Tie in rib and shell back then fluff out some sparkle yarn and dub up body to half way.

Tie in hackle by tip at eye and spread out hackles.

Keeping hackle on top, wind thread down with open turns to half way, turn hackle back to eye and tie back to eye.Pull shell back to eye and tie down.

Wind rib to eye to create segments and tie in.

Tie a small head and tie off thread. Trim legs to length.

Move hook in vice and trim tail to length.

Photos courtesy of Wee Eck.


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