Fishing the Cart, its Tributaries and the Pilmuir

Fly-fishing and Bait-fishing (barbless or de-barbed hooks only) are both allowed only on river waters - the Pilmuir is fly only.

For fly-fishers, the Pilmuir, Cart and Polnoon Waters are probably the most suitable. However, the Earn water is quite narrow in places making it more difficult for fishing the fly.

Most of the Earn Water together with the upper reaches of the Cart and Polnoon Waters are better suited to bait fishing.

Members wishing to bait-fish should familliarise themselves with the rules on the type of tackle allowed.

Fly fishing

fly fishing  

The gentle art of fly-fishing is the most popular method used by members. Because the rivers are quite small, this form of angling is probably the most challenging, requiring a high degree of skill and accuracy when casting.

It is important to select the right type of tackle when fly-fishing on club waters as this will have a direct effect on your success. Dry fly, up-stream wet and up-stream nymphing are all highly successful methods and many different fly patterns work well.

Fishing with bait

Many members enjoy bait fishing especially when the water is high and unsuitable for fly-fishing please remember that bait fishing is NOT allowed on the Pilmuir.

Trotting is a common method used by some anglers while others prefer simply to use their fly-rod and line.

Whatever method you use its important to remember that all spinning gear, i.e. spinning rods and fixed spool reels, are banned on club waters as is spinning itself.


Safety on the river is every angler's personal responsibility, if you need to wade try and get to know the river. Although our river is a small river do not underestimate it as there are deep parts where you may least expect them. When in the water take your time checking each step even if you think you know the river well, double check your steps as the river will have changed after even the small flood. Be careful following short heavy downpours as flash floods catch many an angler unawares. The Pilmuir can also be waded but be aware that off the dam wall it is too deep and the small burn area opposite the boathouse is unsuitable for wading - the bottom is deep silt. All anglers should wear a lifejacket/suitable floatation device when fishing especially when on the Pilmuir and using one of the boats. Remember, it is your life and you are responsible for it - you have been advised.

Club Rules

The following rules are extracts from the 'Constitution and Rules' of the club and are shown here in a condensed form.


The fishing season is from 15th March to 6th October.


Members are not allowed to kill and take a trout under 9" from the river and 10" from the Pilmuir.


Spinning is strictly prohibited, as is the use of spinning rods and fixed spool reels.


Permits must be carried at all times when fishing.


Members are allowed three visitors per season.


No dogs are allowed.


No damage to be done to fences or crops.


Members may take no more than three fish per visit.


Any member infringing these rules could, at the discretion of the committee, have his/her membership of the Club revoked.

Full details of Walton AC Club rules plus additional rules for the Pilmuir are in the docs below, please ensure that you make yourself aware of these.

click here to download Walton AC rules

click here to download Pilmuir Rules


On the river; most anglers use rods of about 9' long and this is fine. However, far better sport can be had on the rivers by scaling down the size of tackle used.

This means going down to 7' rods and double taper lines of weight #3-5. Nylon should be as fine as possible and flies shouldn't be too heavily dressed.

On the Pilmuir; a 9.5ft #5-6 weight rod will be fine but use whatever suits you best.

Flies of size 12 to 16 are OK on both the river and the Pilmuir.

A pair of thigh waders is also recommended.


Wild Trout Trust on Stocking. Interesting read.

Wild v Stocked Trout?. The dangers of introducing farmed trout into wild waters

Members, please use the Catch Return.

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