Fishing Report 2015 Season

Season 2015 proved to be down on the previous season total of caught fish with the river having the edge over the Pilmuir Loch. That said, their were some big trout (60 0ver 12 inches out of the 123 total reported as being caught) caught from the Pilmuir, the river had 138 trout reported as caught with 30 in 8 - 10 inch range. Who knows what the real figures are as not all catches are recorded - please try and record your catch using the online Catch Return. The Beavers work parties continued to do some sterling work on both the river and the Pilmuir - my thanks to all who contributed. Here's hoping that 2016 season is better.

PS: Dry flies accounted for 94 trout, wet flies for 64 trout, nymphs for 45 trout and mini lures for 25 trout, a number of CR entries had the the fly type field left blank.