Club Waters

The club manages over five miles of the White Cart Water, upriver from the weir at Waterfoot. Also included is the Polnoon Water which is a main tributary of the Cart.

In addition to the Cart and Polnoon Water we have the fishing rights to the Earn Water from where it joins the White Cart at Waterfoot, up to Eastwood Golf Course. Since the end of June 2009 we have also acquired the lease for the Pilmuir Reservoir.

White Cart Water

white cart river  

The White Cart Water runs from its source in the hills south of Eaglesham and meets the Polnoon Water below Mains Farm at a point known as the Junction Pool.

It continues north under the East Kilbride road, at Kirkland Bridge, and flows past Eaglesham on the east side of the village.

The river carries on through farm land to Waterfoot where it is joined by the Earn Water just below the weir.


The river continues through Busby, Stamperland and Linn Park before crossing the Glasgow City boundary where it's flanked by housing and industrial units.

After flowing through Pollok Park the river finally winds its way through Paisley and enters the Clyde near Renfrew.

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 white cart in winter

Earn Water


The Earn Water starts at the Black Loch on the west side of the A77. It flows under the road, through Eastwood Golf Course and on to Mearnskirk.
From there it flows under the Humbie Road and carries on through farm land until it reaches the White Cart Water at Waterfoot weir.

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Pilmuir Reservoir


The Pilmuir Reservoir is located within the grounds of the East Renfrewshire Golf Course and the water is accessed via Pilmuir road.

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See below for panoramic view of the Pilmuir - Photo compiled courtesy of Sally Lee

Fish Stocks

The Cart, Earn, Polnoon Waters and the Pilmuir Reservoir all hold a healthy population of wild brown trout with the Cart and Polnooon supplemented annually with stocked trout.

We stock 10 - 12 inch trout and our supplier for a number of years is the River Doon Trout Company..

Past history has proved that stocking is necessary to provide enough fish of a takeable size to last throughout the season. That said the Earn (which is very lightly fished) has been left, for a number of years, as a natural self stocking river and the newly acquired Pilmuir was last stocked around 1986 but holds a healthy head of fish. In order to preserve fish stocks the club actively encourages catch & release.

Catch & Release

As there are loads of small fish in the river it is inevitable that at some time or another everyone will have to return a fish unharmed.

If you follow the few simple rules below, you will ensure that the trout will be returned safely.


Play the fish as quickly as possible to minimise stress levels.


Use barbless hooks - At our AGM of 2007 the members voted for barbless /debarbed hooks only.


Release the fish in the water where possible.


If you must net the trout make sure you wet your hands before handling it.


Hold the fish gently to prevent damaging its internal organs.
Support the trout under the water, with its head pointing upstream, until it recovers and can swim off.


If a trout is bleeding it is unlikely to survive so, in this instance, it’s better to kill it than return it.


Wild Trout Trust on Stocking. Interesting read.

Wild v Stocked Trout?. The dangers of introducing farmed trout into wild waters

Members, please use the Catch Return.

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