Catch Return Season Totals

2017All YearAll Methods7All Areas0
2016All YearAll Methods215All Areas1
2015All YearAll Methods261All Areas0
2014All YearAll Methods488All Areas2
2013All YearAll Methods725All Areas4
2012All YearAll Methods474All Areas4
2011All YearAll Methods577All Areas10
2010All YearAll Methods640All Areas6
2009All YearAll Methods248All Areas3
2008All YearAll Methods349All Areas4
2007All YearAll Methods824All Areas11

created by Alasdair Smith

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Dec 2010; Season 2010 Catch Return analysis is now available to view and it has been amended to include 1 paper return. Good news to see that the river has fished better than the past couple of seasons and we now have one full seasons worth of information about the Pilmuir. The on-line CR is set up in such a way that we can compare like for like over the years. The paper based returns now match the the online version so that we can use the paper based information in our analysis. However, we do need the the paper returns to be sent in before the end of October in order to give me time to work on the data.

Catch Return Analysis is availlable to download as an Excel spreadsheet crstats.xls.


Wild Trout Trust on Stocking. Interesting read.

Wild v Stocked Trout?. The dangers of introducing farmed trout into wild waters

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